ANZ Open Championship - 08-13 - 2023 Detail



ANZ Open Championship - 08-13

Pools into bracket play

Sun, Aug 13, 2023
03:50 AM
None Specified
Prize Pool
wryce l2p
Player of Event
Australia and New Zealand
Halo Infinite 4v4
95X Esports
Winner Bracket
Divine Mind 3
Team Immunity 0
95X Esports 3
Quincys Angels 0
Divine Mind 2
95X Esports 3
95X Esports 0
Divine Mind 0
Lower Bracket
Team Immunity 3
1ShotRechalPapa 0
Quincys Angels 3
Caution 0
Team Immunity 3
Quincys Angels 0
Divine Mind 3
Team Immunity 2
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