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Mock-it Esports Batchford HCSquashy Looneyy MOCKIT WarLord 18/11/2021 Present European
Natus Vincere Jimbo KIMBQ Respct tuf0xy 17/11/2021 Present European
Pittsburgh Knights Atzo Uchiha PK iDrift Tapping Buttons Gambin0 17/11/2021 Present Latin America
Cloud 9 Pznguin Renegade JW SStelluR The Eco Smith 17/11/2021 Present North American
eUnited Rayne 1g RyaNoob Nerds Sparty McFIy Who is KingNick 17/11/2021 Present North American
G2 Esports Articc Gilkey Sabinater Str8 SicK CS 17/11/2021 Present North American
KC Pioneers DRUK84 Mr Soul Snipe SuperCC Evades Taulek 20/11/2021 Present North American
OpTic Gaming aPG Luciid TW TriPPPeY ZOla x HunterZ 17/11/2021 Present North American
Sentinels iTz So Frosty LethuL RoyaI 2 SnakeBiteFPS 17/11/2021 Present North American
Spacestation Gaming Deciting ElamACE opticformalmatt Tylenul 27/11/2021 Present North American
Arcane Balds Barcode AK Colt Mafoka Vampted 01/02/2018 07/03/2018 Australia and New Zealand
Archetype Monza OsP Enigma OsP Weezy Rambo ZV 30/10/2020 31/10/2020 Australia and New Zealand
ARK Survival Snakei GrandLastShadow Rambo ZV Hazza iR 26/09/2020 26/09/2020 Australia and New Zealand
Athletico BZllRK Colt Mafoka Pipz iM Slayzy intel 12/06/2018 14/07/2018 Australia and New Zealand
Athletico BZllRK iM Slayzy intel Madsyy Pipz 08/08/2018 15/09/2018 Australia and New Zealand
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