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Tired of distractions while you track your gaming stats? Upgrade your experience by subscribing to our website and unlock a suite of premium features tailored to enhance your gaming journey:

Ad-Free Experience
Say goodbye to interruptions! Subscribers enjoy an ad-free environment, allowing you to focus solely on tracking your stats and improving your gameplay without any distractions.
Seamless Data Export
Take control of your stats like never before! With the ability to export community series data, player stats, and team insights, you can analyze your performance in-depth to help identify areas for improvement. See the FAQ for more information.
Faster Game Tracking
Stay ahead of the competition! Subscribers gain the exclusive privilege of adding games to community series faster, ensuring that you are getting to focus more on your gameplay instead of tracking games.
Unlock 4 Players on Infinite Service Record Comparions
Unlock four additional Halo Infinite service record comparison slots to enable the simultaneous comparison of multiple players core and medal stats. Free users will be restricted to a maximum of two slots.. See the Comparison Tool to view the Halo Infinite Service Record player comparison tool.
More Data in Community Series Progression Charts
The new commmunity series player progression charts are limited to the past 10 games for non-subscribers. If you subscribe you will have access to the players past 300 games.
Customization Options
Make your mark and stand out from the crowd. Personalize your profile by updating your team name and logo to reflect your unique identity.
Priority Support
Your satisfaction is our priority! As a subscriber, you'll receive priority support, ensuring that any questions or concerns you have are addressed promptly.
Help Support Halo Data Hive
Your subscription contributes directly to covering the costs of maintaining the website, producing high-quality content, and supporting my work. Thank you!
You can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Reach out to me by email at halodatahive@gmail.com. Refunds are limited to one per customer or per purchase.
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Standard Subscription
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Export Community Series Data
Export Community Series Player and Team Data
Add Games to Community Series Faster
Update Your Team Name and Logo
Increased Data in Community Series Player Progression Charts
4 Slots on the Infinite Service Record Comparison Tool
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