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Gamertag Name Team Twitch Twitter
Nemassist MN Kyle Kubina Cloud9 nemassist Nemassist
Triton xyz James Bolling Cloud9 tritonjb TritoN_JB
Rammyy Abel Garcia Cloud9 RammyyHimself
Squallaye Squallaye Cloud9 Squallaye
Juziro Joey Hoey Complexity Juziro_
Tusk XIII Daniel Complexity tuskxiii TuskXIII
Suppressecl Don Complexity sSuppressed sSuppressed
CyKul CyKul Complexity Cykul_
Renegade JW Jonatha Willette FaZe Clan renegadejw Renegade_JW
SnakeBiteFPS Paul Duarte FaZe Clan snakebite SnakeBiteFPS
RoyaI 2 Mathew Fiorante FaZe Clan royal2 Royal2
iTz So Frosty Bradley Bergstrom FaZe Clan frosty FrostyBB
Svspector Ayden Hill G1 Suspectors Svspector
bubu dubu Jesse Moeller G1 bubudubu bubudubu
Falcated Michael Garcia G1 Falcated Falcated_
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