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Renegade JW Jonatha Willette Cloud 9 renegadejw Renegade_JW
Pznguin Zane Hearon Cloud 9 Pznguin
The Eco Smith Kevin Smith Cloud 9 ecofps KevinEcoSmith
SStelluR Braedon Boettcher Cloud 9 SStelluR TheStelluR
Rayne 1g Tim Tinkler eUnited rayne SeattleRayne
Sparty McFIy Tyler Ganza eUnited SpartanTheDogg Spartan
RyaNoob Nerds Ryan Geddes eUnited ryanoob RyaNoobHCS
Who is KingNick Nick eUnited kingnick__ KingNickNP
Sabinater Sab G2 Esports Sabinater Sabinater_
Articc Articc G2 Esports Articc__
Str8 SicK CS Cory Sloss G2 Esports Str8SicK
Gilkey Gilkey G2 Esports gilkey315
DRUK84 Roman KC Pioneers druk84 DRUK844
Mr Soul Snipe Mikey KC Pioneers MG_SoulSnipe
SuperCC Evades CC KC Pioneers SuperCC_Evades SuperCC_Evades
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