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Halo Data Hive Related Questions
How can I support Halo Data Hive

Donations are not required by any means but any and all donations will go towards Halo Data Hive's hosting fees. If you enjoy using the site but can not afford donations just sharing the site on social media would mean the world. Thanks for your support!
Why did you start Halo Data Hive?

I started Halo Data Hive because I grew up playing Halo 3 and spent lots of time on the old Halo Charts stats website. As I got older I was studying to be a software developer at university when the Halo 5 API became available and I just started coding it for practice. I then seen how much people liked using the site as a HCS resource and that's what has kept me going.
The history of Halo Data Hive

Halo Data Hive actually started out as a web prototype for a Halo 5 theatre suggestion. The idea was that there would be a timeline of the match and you could see all the medals you earned. You could then click the medal and be taken directly to that time in the game film. It's funny that this idea is actually implemented in Halo Infinite. You can see the old video below.

HCS Tracking Questions
Which teams do you track?

I track teams that are competing in their respective regions 4k series, notable organsation or notable players
Do you track amateur teams?

I do not currently track amateur teams as those rosters change too frequently and it would be impossible to maintain
What events do you track?

I try to track all official HCS events i.e. 4ks and lans. I do not currently track open events at the moment
How can I let you know a team has changed and needs updated?

If you know that a team has changed and it is out of date on Halo Data Hive you can tweet or DM me on Twitter and I will get it updated ASAP.
How I can I let you know about a missing game in a series?

If you notice a missing game in a series please DM or tweet at me on twitter @HaloDataHive.
Halo Infinite Stats
Can I view my own stats?

Yes, you can view your own stats by typing your gamertag into the search at the top of the page
Can I track my own teams scrims?

You can not currently do this, but it is something I would like to add in the future
I can't view my own stats

You need to give access to the API to view your stats. Follow these steps to do so: Open up Halo Infinite and follow these steps: 1. Open Settings 2. Navigate to Accessibility tab 3. Scroll down to Match History Privacy 4. Set the Matchmade Games option to Share 5. Set the Non-Matchmade Games option to Share. If this does not work you may have to also set your privacy settings on the Halo Waypoint site.
Registering for Halo Data Hive Account
What are the benefits?

If you have an account you can claim your gamertag, set your twitter and twitch. These will then appear for all users when viewing match stats or your service record. You also get quick links to you service record, your matchs and your progression charts.
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