Halo 5 Professional Teams

Below is a list of current Halo 5 professional teams.
Team Player Player Player Player Tracking
eRa Eternity P TiZyPe ZM P TiZyPe ZM Cratos Commonly FLYS
Evil Geniuses EG Lunchbox EG Lunchbox Roy the LION Falcated
exceL eSports Shaady Shaady infused WxrLord Batchford
Infused SoSnakey SoSnakey Quadios Respct
Invictus Ramixez Ramixez Jimbo SNlPEDRONE
OpTic Gaming SnakeBiteFPS SnakeBiteFPS RoyaI 2 LethuL
Oxygen Supremacy ContrA ContrA RyaNoob Nerds DasTroyed
Ronin Esports eL ToWn eL ToWn Svspector Str8 SicK CS
Splyce bubu dubu bubu dubu Renegade JW Severus Shooter
Str8 Rippin Heinz Jr Heinz Jr Kaotic Danoxide
Team EnVyUs Huke Skywalker Huke Skywalker nV TheSnip3down ZOla x HunterZ
Team Liquid SStelluR SStelluR ACE WlNDU The Eco Smith
Vexed Gaming Lunny Lunny MQSE interRiotz
Wise Gaming CloudyCloud77 CloudyCloud77 JC TiZoXiC Nebuula
50/50 Esports FF Nth FF Nth FF Anex FF Foulplay

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