Halo 5 Professional Teams

Below is a list of current Halo 5 professional teams.
Team Player Player Player Player Tracking Region
Anaheim Pirates Commonly FLYS DRUK84 Mr Soul Snipe Str8 SicK CS North American
APMH Esports APM Slinky H5 APMInRealityH5 Sorrel1 Valkyrie HCS North American
DeSiTic Gaming DeS Flurriously DeS Its Name H5 DeS XrossfadeH5 DeSBlainDoctor North American
Elevate eL ToWn ElamACE Sabinater Sparty TG North American
Excelerate Gaming Articc bubu dubu D33M0N D Falcated North American
Falling Esports DRUK85 FE Eli Elite H5 Manny HCS Musa eH North American
InControl Gaming Galaxy Neuronical T2P Swish Vetra North American
LuxGaming Danoxide Gilkey Naded Nebuula North American
Mentality Esports Envore Juziro SuperCC Evades Taulek North American
Mockit eSports HCSquashy Hqvoc Looneyy MOCKIT WarLord North American
Nemesis Esports IFG Bullet Rammyy Tapping Buttons Who is KingNick North American
Paradox Gaming Barcode AK BZllRK iM Slayzy intel Madsyy Australia and New Zealand
Reign Brainstrm Burton RRRyno Svspector North American
Renegades aPG Mikwen Neptvnes Pznguin North American
Shock the World Atzo Uchiha Drift 6S Munoz Noblc North American

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