Halo 5 Professional Teams

Below is a list of current Halo 5 professional teams.
Team Player Player Player Player Tracking Region
Athletico BZllRK iM Slayzy intel Madsyy Pipz Australia and New Zealand
Berserker Gaming Atzo Uchiha Drift 6S Magico 1s Noblc Latin America
Chosen Legacy ContrA IFG Bullet Rammyy Tapping Buttons North American
Downrush Batchford Morguhhh Sicalkpote SimpIay European
Elevate eL ToWn Falcated Sabinater Sparty TG North American
Excelerate Gaming Articc bubu dubu D33M0N D ElamACE North American
Gosu Crew Cratos Danoxide Naded Svspector North American
Legion Gaming cClaim Munoz Sceptify Who is KingNick North American
Lucid KIMBQ Respct slgslg31 tuf0xy European
LuxGaming BoammX RRRyno SickStoryBz Valkyrie HCS North American
Mentality Esports Envore Manny HCS SuperCC Evades Taulek North American
Mockit eSports HCSquashy Hqvoc Looneyy MOCKIT WarLord European
Oceanic Squad Burton KLTNn LlFESTYL3 SiickaThanYoAvg North American
OutColdGaming Qristola Shaady SNlPEDRONE SoSnakey European
Radiant Esports interRiotz Jimbo Lunny MQSE European

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