Tracked Halo 5 Professional Players

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Gamertag Name Team Twitch Twitter KD KA/D
Commonly FLYS Hamza Abbaali Anaheim Pirates Commonly Commonly 0.99 1.70
Str8 SicK CS Cory Sloss Anaheim Pirates therealstr8sick Str8SicK 0.93 1.56
DRUK84 Roman Anaheim Pirates druk84 DRUK844 0.86 1.41
Mr Soul Snipe Mikey Anaheim Pirates None MG_SoulSnipe 0.82 1.37
Valkyrie HCS Cory Harmon APMH Esports None Valkyrie_HCS 0.84 1.46
Sorrel1 Sorrell APMH Esports s0rr3ll 5orrell 0.94 1.57
APMInRealityH5 In Reality APMH Esports None HaloDataHive 0.90 1.56
APM Slinky H5 Slinky APMH Esports None HaloDataHive 1.07 1.84
DeS Flurriously Flurriously DeSiTic Gaming None HaloDataHive 0.77 1.23
DeS XrossfadeH5 Xrossfade DeSiTic Gaming None HaloDataHive 0.67 1.07
DeS Its Name H5 Its NamE DeSiTic Gaming None HaloDataHive 0.61 1.14
DeSBlainDoctor Blain Doctor DeSiTic Gaming None HaloDataHive 0.69 1.12
Sparty TG Tyler Ganza Elevate SpartanTheDogg Spartan 1.02 1.67
eL ToWn Visal Mohanan Elevate eltown_ eLToWnFPS 0.90 1.45
ElamACE Aaron Elam Elevate AceTV MLGAce 0.90 1.57

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