Tracked Halo 5 Professional Players

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Gamertag Name Team Twitch Twitter KD KA/D
Burton Oguz Ustuntas Cutting Edge eSports burton Bur7on 0.91 1.40
ROB THE TURTLE1 Rob Cutting Edge eSports None RobTheTurtle_ 0.93 1.77
MoNsTcR HCS Chance Duncan Cutting Edge eSports None MoNsTcR 1.08 1.85
Squallaye HCS Squallaye Cutting Edge eSports None HaloDataHive 0.93 1.71
Danoxide Dan Terlizzi Elevate Danoxide DanoxideFPS 1.00 1.64
PreDevoNatoR Devon Layton Elevate predevonator_ AvPred 0.87 1.54
ContrA Cody Szczodrowski Elevate cntra CntrA 0.95 1.57
Laser Calm Tyler Mozingo Elevate None calmmentality1 0.96 1.68
Svspector Ayden Hill Fyra Gaming Suspectors Svspector 1.00 1.63
eL ToWn Visal Mohanan Fyra Gaming eltown_ eLToWnFPS 0.89 1.43
Articc Articc Fyra Gaming None Articc__ 0.99 1.56
Sabinater Sab Fyra Gaming Sabinater Sabinater_ 0.79 1.29
Tritn James Bolling Gosu Crew tritonslays Triton_JB 0.94 1.50
Munoz Gilbert Munoz Gosu Crew munoz eLevateMunoz 0.83 1.35
Daddy HCS Dillon Randa Gosu Crew randa D_Randa 0.97 1.63

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