Tracked Halo 5 Professional Players

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Gamertag Name Team Twitch Twitter KD KA/D
ContrA Cody Szczodrowski Chosen Legacy cntra CntrA 0.97 1.59
Tapping Buttons Josbe Valadez Chosen Legacy JJosbe JJosbe 1.09 1.68
Rammyy Abel Garcia Chosen Legacy rammyyhimself RammyyHimself 1.01 1.70
IFG Bullet IFG Bullet Chosen Legacy None HaloDataHive 0.87 1.64
Sparty TG Tyler Ganza Elevate SpartanTheDogg Spartan 1.02 1.67
eL ToWn Visal Mohanan Elevate eltown_ eLToWnFPS 0.89 1.44
Falcated Michael Garcia Elevate Falcated Falcated_ 0.94 1.52
Sabinater Sab Elevate Sabinater Sabinater_ 0.82 1.33
ElamACE Aaron Elam Excelerate Gaming AceTV MLGAce 0.90 1.57
Articc Articc Excelerate Gaming None Articc__ 0.98 1.55
bubu dubu Jesse Moeller Excelerate Gaming bubudubu_ bubudubu 1.02 1.78
D33M0N D Demon D Excelerate Gaming d3m0n_d D3M0N_DDDDD 0.96 1.55
Naded Brett Leonard Gosu Crew Naded Naded 0.93 1.53
Cratos Carlos Ayala Jr Gosu Crew cratosayala CarlosAyalaJr 0.85 1.48
Danoxide Dan Terlizzi Gosu Crew Danoxide DanoxideFPS 0.99 1.64

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