Each LAN and Pro League event statistics and results are tracked. Event stats overviews are also available to view.

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Practice series between teams are being tracked daily. This includes series scores, stats and day to day scrim stats overviews.

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Notable rosters are available and tracked. Historic teams along with their stats are maintained even as rosters change.

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Players on the notable team rosters are available and tracked. Once tracked, these player stats will always be available.

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Some More Offered Features
through Halo Data Hive

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Organisations that enter the Halo scene along with their current and historic rosters are available. This includes series scores and stats.


Want to know even more detailed stats for your favourite player or team? Then login to access the reporting feature where you can produce stats you desire.

Excelerate Gaming 0 : 4 Tox
Splyce 3 : 0 Paradox Gaming
Splyce 3 : 2 Trifecta
Mockit eSports 0 : 3 Tox
Team Reciprocity 3 : 1 Str8 Rippin
Mockit eSports 2 : 3 Excelerate Gaming
Renegades 3 : 2 Elevate
Str8 Rippin 0 : 3 Mentality Esports
Team Reciprocity 3 : 0 Mentality Esports
Elevate 3 : 0 Shock the World

Live Stats & Streams

Ongoing series have a list of switchable player streams along with live series stats and results that do not require a page refresh to view.

Live Tweets

The Halo Data Hive twitter account will automatically tweet out when a series has begun between two teams. So make sure to give it a follow to get notified.

What About My Stats?

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Service Record

Halo Data Hive allows you to view your own carnage stats. Your record displays your overall Arena stats i.e kills, deaths, win percentage etc. From here you will also be able to see your current CSR and rank in each playlist along with how much CSR is needed to rank up.

There is also further breakdown of your overall stats via each gametype and playlist so you can see which playlist and gametypes you dominate in.

You can also see extensive carnage, weapon and medal breakdown stats for any season. Also you can view your recent Arena, Custom and LAN results and stats via this page.

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Team Arena




Team Arena

Diamond 6

Featured Players

Check out these players stats and keep up with them on their social media

iM Slayzy intel

iM Slayzy intel currently plays for Paradox Gaming

Severus Shooter

Severus Shooter currently plays for Trifecta


LethuL currently plays for Tox

This is really just a randomised set of players

Featured Streams

The hardest thing to do while streaming is to get noticed. So here are some streams with low viewer counts streaming Halo. Show them some love!

elmazpicante619 prokemonbossyt lhern_andez tjrchrono SNaiLeDiTT

LAN Events

Upcoming and recent LAN events will appear here.

Halo Championship Series Finals: Atlanta

The 2018 Halo Championship Series Finals: Atlanta event has still not been declared a winner as of yet.

Stats & Results 2018
No Winner Yet

Halo Championship Series: London

The 2018 Halo Championship Series: London title went to Tox which consisted of players LethuL, iTz So Frosty, RoyaI 2, SnakeBiteFPS. They won 23 games out of their 31 games.

Stats & Results 2018

Halo World Championship: New Orleans

The 2018 Halo World Championship: New Orleans title went to Splyce which consisted of players Renegade JW, Shotzzy, SStelluR, The Eco Smith. They won 23 games out of their 36 games.

Stats & Results 2018

Fantasy Halo League

Coming in the future (hopefully)

How do I play?

When the fantasy halo module becomes live you will be able to register an account on Halo Data Hive. When a LAN event or pro league is approching and the teams attending the event are known you will be able to start your fantasy Halo journey.

Manage or Join Leagues

Once you have registed an account and created your own fantasy team you will be able to create and manage your own fantasy leagues. You will also be able to join and view other public leagues.

Manage Your Own Team

You will be able to create your own fantasy Halo team that you've always wanted to see play together. Each player will have a price and you will have a limited budget so make sure to spend your budget wisely.

Scoring & Prizes

Certain medals, results and player carnage stats will award players with specific points. This information will be available when finalised. Hopefully the league gets some attention and sponsors can support it with prizes.

Recent Team Changes

Recent team changes on the site which consists of newly formed rosters.

  • Falling Esports
  • The start date for this team has been recorded as 17/11/2018. Since then, they have completed 0 series.
  • DRUK85 - 0.00
  • FE Eli Elite H5 - 0.00
  • Manny HCS - 0.00
  • Musa eH - 0.00
  • North American
  • Team Stats
  • Reign
  • The start date for this team has been recorded as 11/11/2018. Since then, they have completed 4 series.
  • Brainstrm - 1.17
  • Burton - 0.94
  • RRRyno - 0.96
  • Svspector - 1.24
  • North American
  • Team Stats
  • Shock the World
  • The start date for this team has been recorded as 11/11/2018. Since then, they have completed 5 series.
  • Atzo Uchiha - 0.98
  • Drift 6S - 0.95
  • Munoz - 0.75
  • Noblc - 0.94
  • North American
  • Team Stats

There are currently 210 rosters that have been tracked on the site. 19 of these are still currently being tracked.